Welcome to Forge, the new home for department, office, and program websites.

The College’s redesigned website launched on July 28, 2015. The redesign necessitated a new home for departments, offices, and programs that would allow us to build new websites while leaving the production ones untouched until they launched with the design. Forge, like Depts, is powered by WordPress.

The following sites now live on Forge: AcademicsAdmissions & AidAlumniCampus MapThe ArtsCampus LifeDevelopment, and Families.

Other department websites are being migrated to Forge as they are redesigned; those sites that haven’t been redesigned continue to be hosted on depts.lafayette.edu, and will do so until they are updated to use the new design, at which point they too will use Forge. Learn more about the web redesign project by visiting web.lafayette.edu or emailing infohelp@lafayette.edu.